Tour Red has no membership fees and is open to any professional or amateur golfer who is 16 years of age or older. Amateurs must have a handicap index of 3 or less. Tour Red retains the right to make eligibilty requirement exceptions and refuse tournament participation to anyone.


The 2020 Summer Series will offer events on Tuesdays in May-August in close proximity to each of the following markets: Chicago, Nashville & Columbus.
Local Tournament Format: Tournaments will typically consist of 18 holes of individual stroke play. $100 of every professional entry fee and $50 of every amatuer entry fee will be distributed to players finishing in the top 20% (subject to rounding) of the field. See attached Purse Distribution Chart. All ties will remain as ties and the purse for those positions will be divided equally. 36-Hole Event Addendum: $200 of every professional entry fee will be distributed as part of the local tournament. National Bonus Pool: Players will also be competing in the National Bonus Pool flight against players in all 3 markets (Chicago, Columbus and Nashville). National Bonus Pool scores will be calculated by subtracting the applicable USGA Course Rating from the player’s gross score.
National Event Score = Player’s Gross Score - USGA Course Rating All National Bonus Pool scores will then be ranked from lowest to highest. See below for an example of a competition and its results:
● Player A plays in the Chicago market event with a USGA Course Rating of 74.2. Player A shoots 70. Player A's national event score would be -4.2 (70 - 74.2 = -4.2)
● Player B plays in the Columbus market event with a USGA Course Rating of 73.6. Player B shoots 71. Player B's national event score would be -2.6. (71 - 73.6 = -3.6)
● Player C plays in the Nashville market event with a USGA Course Rating of 72.9. Player C shoots 74. Player C’s national event score would be 1.1. (74 - 72.9 = 1.1)
● The leaderboard would look as follows:
○ 1st Place: Player A (-4.2)
○ 2nd Place: Player B (-3.6)
○ 3rd Place: Player C (1.1)
$40 of every professional entry fee and $15 of every amateur entry fee will be distributed in the National Bonus pool to players finishing in the top 5% (subject to rounding) of the professional field. Amateurs aren’t eligible for distribution of the National Bonus Pool. See attached Purse Distribution Chart. In the event players from only 1 market are eligible for the National Bonus Pool, then that portion of the entry fee will be included and distributed as part of the Local Tournament. There will be no National Bonus Pool if players are all competing at the same course. 36-Hole Event Addendum: Only the initial 18 holes will be counted toward the National Bonus Pool flight. Tournament/Payout Example (18-Hole Event):
Local Tournament with 30-player field (25 pros & 5 amateurs)

● Purse= $2,750
● Top 6 finishers paid out
● 1st place: $1,623
○ Multiple of 10.8* of the Local tournament fee of $150 (Purse + Host Fee)

National Bonus Pool with 90-player field (75 pros & 15 amateurs)
● Purse= $3,225
● Top 5 finishers paid out
● 1st place: $1,935
○ Multiple of 48.4 of the National bonus pool fee of $40

Winner of the Local Tournament that also wins the National Bonus Pool would be paid $3,558 under this example, which represents a multiple of 17.8* of the total tournament entry fee. *Assumes $200 total tournament entry fee


Points will be awarded toward the Season Long Points Race based on a player’s finish in the National Bonus Pool flight as determined by the initial 18 holes of the event (entire event if no National Bonus Pool). $10 of every entry fee in Tour Red exclusive events (subject to inclement weather refunds) will go directly toward the Season Long Points Race to be distributed to the top 3 professionals at the end of the season (1st: 50% / 2nd: 30% / 3rd: 20%). Total points available and number of players receiving points are based on a sliding scale based on participation levels, but will typically be awarded to the top 33-50% of the field. See Exhibit B for Points Distribution Chart. Amateurs are eligible to earn points, but are not eligible to receive any bonus money associated with their finish at the end of the Season Long Points Race. Points Distribution Chart


Professional Entry Fee: $190-230 + BlueGolf Registration Fee (4.25%) Entry Fee Breakdown
● $140 to Purse ($100 to Local & $40 to National Bonus Pool) ● $10 to Season Long Points Race
● Host Fee: $40-80, which includes the following:
○ Greens Fee: Varies per site
○ Range Balls: Large Bucket included in entry fee. Additional range balls subject to player expense.
○ Golf Cart: Not required, but included with some Tournament Entry fees (see Event Information page). Please check in with the pro shop if you want to use a cart.
○ Admin Fee: Varies per site, but no greater than $15. Amateur Entry Fee: $60 less than Professional Entry Fee
● $90 of Amateur Entry Fee goes to Purses ($50 to Local, $15 to separate Natioanl Amateur division, $15 to National Bonus Pool & $10 to Season Long Points Race) 36-Hole Event Addendum: Professional entry fee will be an additional $100 to the Local Purse plus the increase in Host Fee costs. Amateur Entry fee will be increased by just the additional Host Fee costs.


All purse payments will be initiated the day after completion of the tournament via direct deposit. No purse payments to the player can be made until the Tour has received a completed Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement. Completed forms can be sent to If a player requests the Tour to apply winnings to an entry fee, then the winnings will be subject to a $5 admin fee to cover transaction costs. Tour will withhold 30% of all foreign players’ winnings, unless a US Tax ID Number is provided. Direct deposit is not available for foreign players without a US Social Security Number. Any player earning $600 or more in a single calendar year will be issued an IRS-1099 form.


Amateurs aren’t eligible to win cash prizes, but they can win prize vouchers dependent on their finish in the Local event. The prize voucher, which is capped at $750, will be calculated based on the percentage the amateur paid into the Local Purse relative to the professional. Any prize money due to the place finished by the amateur that is not distributed via prize voucher will be distributed to the professionals that finish behind that amateur and in the money based on their share of the purse. For information on available prize vouchers please contact the Tour. Only 1 amatuer per site will be eligible to win a prize voucher (split equally if ties). Example: Top 6 are awarded prize money and 2 amateurs finish in the top 6 (2nd and 4th). The amatuer that finishes 2nd will be awarded a prize voucher. The amateur that finishes 4th will not receive a prize voucher and the professionals that finished behind that amateur will move up 1 place on the Purse Distribution Chart. The Tour recommends college and high school golfers check with their athletic departments and respective governing association (e.g. NCAA) prior to tournament registration and acceptance of a prize voucher. 10+ Amateurs in Event: $15 of every amateur entry fee will be put into a separate National Amateur division against amateurs across all markets (same scoring as National Bonus pool). The top amateur will be awarded a prize voucher in the amount equal to the money contributed toward the National Amateur division (up to $250). Amateurs cannot win more than $750 in a prize voucher in a single event.
Less than 10 Amateurs in Event: The fee for the National Amateur division will be rolled into the National Bonus Pool and there will be no separate National Amateur division.


Tournament registration and payment is only available through BlueGolf, but is also accessible via the tournament schedule on our website. Click on the registration button next to the tournament(s) you would like to participate in. Entries are taken on a first paid basis and closes on the Entry Deadline. Priority will be given to professionals in limited field events until 7 days before the event. During the current period of uncertainty due to COVID-19 all registrations will typically be shown as pending until 8 days prior to the event. At that time the tour will formally accept the pending registrations/payments.


If the Entry Deadline has passed or the local tournament has reached the maximum field, then all players registering will be held on a wait-list. The tour will do its best to accommodate players on the wait-list after discussion with the Host Course. If additional tee times or spots become available, then wait-list entries will be accommodated as follows: professionals first, then amateurs (in the order the entries are received).


Players must send email to for any withdrawal request. Any refunds provided by the Tour will be initiated by the end of that tournament week via direct deposit. No refunds to the player can be made until the Tour has received a completed Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement. Completed forms can be sent to Withdrawals 7+ Days Before The Event: Will be accepted for any reason, but subject to a $25 admin fee. Withdrawals Less Than 7 Days Before The Event: Player will waive his entry fee to the tournament and not be refunded. Medical and personal withdrawals after the Entry Deadline will be evaluated case-by-case, and if accepted, there will be a refund fee applied (Host Fee + $25 admin fee). No Shows will not receive a refund for any reason. Withdrawals During The Tournament: No refund or credit will be given for any reason once a player has teed off. If a player withdraws 2 times in a season after teeing off, then the player’s privileges to compete in Tour Red tournaments will be revoked until further discussion/approval with the tour. Withdrawals for PGA/Korn Ferry Tour Qualifiers: Players who are registered to play in our event, but Monday qualify to play in a PGA or Korn Ferry Tour event later that same week and request a withdrawal from our event, will be FULLY refunded their entry fee via direct deposit. Players need to submit a request to withdraw from our event due to qualifying for the PGA or Korn Forry Tour event by 9:00 PM CST on the Monday of the qualifier.


Official tee times will be posted by 12:00 PM the day before the tournament. Pairings will be posted on BlueGolf. It is the sole responsibility of the player to be ready to play at the appointed time. Players need to check in on the Pro Golf App when they arrive on-site.


If play is stopped due to inclement weather, then the Tour will do its best to complete the event. Any refunds provided by the Tour due to inclement weather will be initiated by the end of that tournament week via direct deposit. No refunds to the player can be made until the Tour has received a completed Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement. Completed forms can be sent to 50% Complete: If the entire field completes at least 50% of the event (9 holes), then the holes counted in the local tournament will be equal to the number that the final group completes. Any player that has completed 18 holes will be included in the National Bonus Pool flight. Any professional player that has not completed 18 holes due to inclement weather will be refunded the National Bonus Pool and Season Long Points Race portions of the entry fee (subject to $5 admin fee) as they are ineligible to post a score for the National Bonus Pool flight. 36-Hole Event Addendum: 50% complete is defined as the entire field completing at least 18 holes. 54-Hole Event Addendum: 50% complete is defined as the entire field completing at least 27 holes. Less than 50% Complete: In the event 50% of the tournament cannot be completed due to weather, then the purse and Season Long Points Race portions of the entry fee (subject to $5 admin fee) will be refunded to the player. However, any player that has completed 18 holes will be included in the National Bonus Pool flight, so the account will only be refunded for the Local Tournament purse portion of the entry fee (subject to $5 admin fee). Refunds/Vouchers of course costs will be decided on a case by case basis by the Host Course and Tour.


Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Local rules as stated on the Host Course scorecard do not apply to the event. The Tour will make players aware of any local rules that will apply to the event. In the event a player is doubtful as to the correct procedure during competition, then that player should invoke Rule 20.1.c and complete the hole with 2 balls. Upon completion of the round and prior to signing their scorecard the player should contact the Tournament Director or Host Course Professional to determine which ball will be counted even if the score is the same with both balls. Penalty Area Boundaries: In the absence of stakes or painted lines, then the change in cut of grass will be used as the edge of the hazard. If the change in the cut of grass is not apparent, then the water’s edge will be used. Out of Bounds Boundaries: In the absence of stakes or painted lines, then the change in cut of grass will be used as the boundary line. Exterior surface roads define out of bounds. Land on the opposite side of a penalty area (non-golf course property side) is out of bounds unless otherwise noted by the Tour.


Players must use clubs (including grooves) and balls on the current USGA Conforming Club and Ball Lists. The “One Ball Condition” is in effect for all tournaments and players must mark their balls for identification during the tournament. Electronic devices that measure distance only (gradient, temperature, wind speed, etc. must be turned off) are permitted. Cell phones must be on vibrate during play, but are permitted for scoring on the BlueGolf app and in case of emergency, concerns of dangerous weather, contacting the shop or tour staff.


During the current period of COVID-19 operational restrictions all players must adhere to the guidelines as outlined by the appropriate governing bodies. Those guidelines shall supersede the Tour’s policies on caddies and spectators. Caddies: The Tour allows the use of caddies for all tournaments. Caddies shall be supplied and paid directly by the player. Caddies must walk unless the Host Course has a sufficient supply of golf carts (Player responsible to pay cart fee for caddie directly to Host Course if caddie is able to ride along). Caddies shall abide by the Participation Agreement as accepted by the player.
Spectators: All spectators need to check-in at the Host Course pro shop prior to entering the practice areas or course to watch the players. Spectators shall be present at their own risk and agree that the Tour, its staff and Host Course shall not be liable for any injuries or damages.


Players are encouraged, but not required, to play ready golf. Players should be cognizant that any undue delay in playing their stroke(s) might negatively impact their playing partners, other golfers on the course and the opportunity for the Tour to host future events at the Host Course. The following pace of play will be followed by all players: 18 Holes: 4 hours, 15 minutes
9 Holes: 2 hour, 6 minutes (+3 minutes at turn)
3 Holes: Every 42 minutes It is the responsibility of each player to be aware of his group’s position on the golf course. If a group becomes out of position, then the Tour may enforce timing and/or assess penalties at its discretion.


Players will be required to post live scoring via the Pro Golf App for a fellow competitor in the same playing group. After your marker has entered your last score you will be prompted to review/sign your scorecard on the Pro Golf App. If incorrect, then please have your marker adjust the necessary score(s), which will generate a new scorecard for your review/signature. In the event of any scoring discrepancies, then please contact the Tournament Director prior to signing your scorecard.


The Tour has negotiated practice round rates with a majority of the courses in the rotation. Information on rates/times can be found in the Tournament Information section for the specific tournament. Players need to call the Host Course to arrange the tee time.


Players should treat all players, caddies, spectators, other golfers on the course and course staff with courtesy and respect. The Tour does not tolerate conduct unbecoming of a professional golfer including, but not limited to, club throwing, damage to the course or private property, excessive profanity, consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs. Reports of any such conduct may result in tournament disqualification, suspension, and/or termination of future playing opportunities on the Tour.


Proper golf attire is required for Players and Caddies (i.e. collared/mock turtleneck shirts, golf slacks/shorts, closed toe shoes). No metal spikes are allowed. Denim is not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in and hats worn forward. Caddies are required to wear spikeless golf shoes.


In the event the Tour successfully procures a tournament sponsor as a result of a player referral and introduction, the Tour will pay for 1 tournament entry fee for the referring player. If you are aware of anyone that would be interested in partnering with the Tour, please reach out to the Tour Director to discuss the next steps.


By registering to compete in a Tour Red event you agree to (i) indemnify and hold Tour Red, its staff, representatives, volunteers and the host course harmless from all claims of injury, property damage and other liability, (ii) assume all liability for damage caused by you and/or your caddie to the host course or private property, (iii) abide by the policies, procedures, rules and regulations as stated in the most recent version of the tour handbook located on the Tour Red website, (iv) Tour Red using photos and/or videos of you and/or your caddie from the tournament without compensation or further authorization, and (v) to abide by and enforce the rules to protect the integrity of the game of golf and the tournament.


Professional Entry Fee will be $795 when registration opens and increases as the event gets closer. Minimum 70% of each professional entry fee will go directly to the Pro Purse. Top 30% of the field will be guaranteed the entry fee ($795) back (ties for last place in the money will split). The official purse breakdown will be posted on the Tournament Information page. Amateur Entry Fee will be $350. Amateurs are excluded from the Pro Purse, but the Low Amateur is eligible to win up to $750 in a retail gift card for the Amateur division. Season Long Points Race bonus pool will be fully funded at the completion of the August 25th event, but this event will offer 2X the points shown on the Points Distribution Chart. Players that have not previously played in an event will be excluded from the field for points distribution. Our Season Long Points Race bonus pool winners will be determined at the end of the event. Ties for 1st place will be resolved via a playoff.


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